Android Material Design Theme UI and Tool Library.

Kit Module

Is writing…


<!-- Internet permission -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<!-- Log file permission -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />


// "Runnable" implementation method "run()"

// "run()" run in the main thread, the can interface

// Synchronization to enter the main thread, waiting for the main thread processing to continue after the completion of the subprocess

UiKit.runOnMainThreadSync(Runnable runnable);
// Asynchronous into the main thread, without waiting for

UiKit.runOnMainThreadAsync(Runnable runnable);
// Synchronously But the child thread just wait for the waitTime long

// @param runnable Runnable Interface

// @param waitTime wait for the main thread run Time

// @param cancel   on the child thread cancel the runnable task

UiKit.runOnMainThreadSync(Runnable runnable, int waitTime, boolean cancel)


// Execute the command, the background service automatic control

// The same way call way and the ProcessBuilder mass participation

// Timeout: Task timeout, optional parameters

// Params: executing params,such as: "/system/bin/ping","-c", "4", "-s", "100",""

Command command = new Command(int timeout, String... params);

// Synchronous

// After the completion of the results returned directly

String result = Command.command(new Command(Command.TIMEOUT, "..."));

// Asynchronous

// Results to event callback method returns

Command command = new Command("...");
Command.command(command, new Command.CommandListener() {
    public void onCompleted(String str) {
    public void onCancel() {
    public void onError(Exception e) {

// To cancel a task command

Command.cancel(Command command);

// Restart the Command service


// Destroy

// Using 'Genius.dispose()' method is run this destroy



// Ping

// Introduced to the domain name or IP

// Result: delay, packet loss

Ping ping = new Ping("");
// Start

// Return

if (ping.getError() == NetModel.SUCCEED) {}
else {}
Others similarly


// ===================FixedList===================

// Fixed length queue

// Can specify length, using methods similar to ordinary queue

// When join the element number to a specified number elements will pop up

// Insert the tail pop-up head, tail insertion head pops up

// Initialize the maximum length of 5

FixedList<Integer> list = new FixedList<Integer>(5);

// To obtain the maximum capacity

// Adjust the maximum length; Narrow length will be automatically deleted when the head redundant elements


// Using List to operation

List<Integer> list1 = new FixedList<Integer>(2);

// ====================HashUtils==================

// Hash to calculate(Md5)

// String with the file can be calculated Md5 value

// Get the MD5

String hash = HashUtils.getMD5String(String str);
// Access to the file MD5

String hash = HashUtils.getMD5String(File file);

// ======================Log======================

// Log class

// Calls the method with using Android as the default method

// Can be set if the store log information

// Can copy the log information to SD card

// Can add the event callback in the main interface, the interface, real-time display the log

// Add a callback

// The callback class

Log.LogCallbackListener listener = new LogCallbackListener() {
    public void onLogArrived(Log data) {
// Adding


// Whether Android call system Log, can control whether to display

// Is open to a file, the file number, a single file size (Mb)

// The default is stored in the application directory is /Genius/Logs

Log.setSaveLog(true, 10, 1);
// Set whether to monitor external storage inserts

// Open: insert an external device (SD), will copy the log files to external storage

// This operation depends on whether written to the file open function, not open, this method is invalid

Log.setCopyExternalStorage(true, "Test/Logs");

// Copies of internal storage log files to external storage(SD)

// This operation depends on whether written to the file open function, not open, this method is invalid


// Set the log level

// ALL(show all),VERBOSE to ERROR decreasing


// Add log

Log.d(TAG, "DEBUG ");

// ====================Tools====================

// Commonly used toolkit

// Are all static methods, later will continue to add

// Thread sleep

Tools.sleepIgnoreInterrupt(long time);
// Copy the files

Tools.copyFile(File source, File target);
// AndroidId

Tools.getAndroidId(Context context);
// SN Id

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